Slea Head Drive

The most westerly point in Europe (maybe)


We always tell people the best time to drive to Slea head is in the evening. This is so for a few reasons. The traffic is quieter (very little coaches and heavy vehicles. Also the long Irish summer evenings (Its bright up until about 10 most evenings these days). Watching the sun set on Dunquin pier is just magic.

Annascaul Pottery

Annascaul Pottery was founded in the middle of the 1970’s by Monica and Niall Phelan.

Monica set up her workshop in the garage at the old rectory in Annascaul that Niall restored from near ruin over the years. Monica’s work was always brush decorated and highly individual.

As the business grew the workshop eventually moved to a premises in the heart of Annascaul village in the mid 1980’s; Niall opened the Dingle shop about this time.

As the years passed the next generation worked in the business and eventually Monica moved on to a career in Art and Zac took over.

Today he continues the spirit of what started over a quarter of a century ago,